This was the first Crown I got after 3 runs in the public Shatters discord. Within the next 20 runs, I got two more. It was kind of insane.
This was the first Omni I got after trading with CubeFrost (best trading partner if you get the chance). I was so excited, I put it on immediately.
Until I got my first Sourcestone, the only whites I got from voids were Quivers. Call me unappreciative, but I was hoping for a little more diversity in my white bags.
In the very first fungal I did with the Public Caverns discord, I got a double white. I seem to have great luck when I first start running with big discords.
This was my first concertia, which I got on the wrong ppe. Bard is one of my favorite classes. Enough Said.
One of the vet RL's of Shatters reached his 300th consecutive run in a week. There were a lot of crashers who messed with the spawns. I happened to get this gemstone during the run.
Sometimes it feels good to just get random whites that you'd never look for.
After three void quivers I finally got this sourcestone. Recently lost it on a Sorcerer. Fuck sorcerer.
Anyone else annoyed by how easily your inventory fills up during event chains?